This video is provided to show the painting process of my ongoing Queen Anne's Lace series. Each painting was recorded in progress chronologically and assembled as one story. The evolution of each piece has helped me to paint with intuition, to experiment with color and mediums, and to unite a personal journey with a universal theme.

The Queen Anne's Lace series represents the life, death, and afterlife of a loved one who has passed and continued on. Each flower represents a loved one, delicate to the eye, but of great strength within. Like the flower she holds herself straight and tall, proud and dignified, weathering time, enjoying the good days and surviving the hard. Now that she has passed, we, her seeds, live on sharing her memory, continuing the cycle of life. And as the seeds are sowed, the cycle begins again. Each painting depicts the endless upsweep of the Queen's arms and petals, reaching out to both our world and to infinity. My goal in this series is to communicate this expression of life, death, and afterlife with luminous color, movement and emotion.

~ Allison Coelho Picone

All artwork (c) Allison Picone
Copyright for these images belongs solely to Allison Coelho-Picone. Images may not be copied, downloaded, or used in any way without the expressed, written permission of the artist.

Music Credits:
Mark Mancina's August Rush Movie Soundtrack "Rhapsody No 1 in C Major"