Allison Coelho Picone is an artist and designer specializing in fine art and surface pattern design. Allison is currently interpreting her fine art into patterns and designs for apparel, domestics, fabric and other products. These products will in turn be marketed to women ages 17+ and their families who shop for peaceful, relaxing and restorative products. Her customers are interested in aesthetics, generating peace and accessorizing with color in their lives. They value quality and they research the products they buy. 

Allison's fine art is in many collections and has been shown in numerous exhibitions including a six-month solo show, “The Pace of Nature”, at Arts Worcester’s Hadley Gallery in Worcester, MA from July 30, 2016 through January 25, 2017. She has participated in many juried art exhibitions. Her art was also selected for “HERStory 2016” and “The Healing Power of Art 2016” at Manhattan Arts International and she won an Award of Excellence in both shows. Her work is currently represented at L'Attitude Gallery in Boston, MA and by Sbrogna's Artistic Promotions. 

Allison Picone Studio is open via private invitation and/or appointments.  Book your appointment now! (774) 545-9597