licensing for
fine art and pattern collections
In addition to offering her fine art paintings to be licensed, Allison's pattern collections are currently blooming in creation and will soon be available for licensing.  Allison is known for her ethereal, hopeful, and light-filled details of Nature in harmonious color palettes.

Allison's artwork is being translated into patterns and designs for apparel, domestics, fabric and other products. These products will in turn be marketed to women ages 17+ and their families who shop for peaceful, relaxing and restorative products. Her customers are interested in aesthetics, generating peace and accessorizing with color in their lives. They value quality and they research the products they buy.

Allison shares her finished and in-progress projects on social media profiles like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter.  

Please send inquiries with the subject heading "Licensing Your Art" to the following email address:

I am a proud graduate of Bonnie Christine's Surface PatternDesign Immersion 2018.  
Enrollment for her March 2019 Immersion class is now closed.